Developing Novel Statistical Methods in NeuroImaging
July 24-26, 2012 (immediately preceding the Joint Statistical Meeting 2012)
University of California at San Diego

The goal of the workshop is to identify open problems in statistical research that emerge from current challenges in neuroimaging.

The analysis of brain data presents statistical challenges because of its massiveness, high dimensionality and complex spatio-temporal dependence structure. We expect to see open lines of statistical research especially in the areas of time series, spatial analysis, dimension reduction, statistical learning, functional data analysis, statistical computation and foundations of statistical inference. At the workshop, leaders in neuroimaging will deliver lectures on theoretical background in neuroscience and in the state-of-the-art statistical methods for the analysis of brain imaging data. The workshop topic is timely due to the increased role of late of mathematical and statistical methods in neuroimaging.


Limited seats only. The deadline for application is extended to 15 May 2012. Note that registration details and scholarship applications done at CHECKOUT.


Note: Application for scholarships is closed effective 26 April 2012.

We anticipate financial support from the National Science Foundation (DMS). Partial scholarships will be available to junior scholars (PhD students and recent PhDs). There will be travel support (up to $200) and workshop scholarship (up to $500).

In the registration, indicate if you are applying for (1) travel support; and/or (2) partial workshop scholarship

Applicants for travel support and/or housing will be notified of the decision by late May 2012.

Minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply.


Greg Brown (UC San Diego), Richard Buxton (UCSD), Anders Dale (UCSD), Mark Fiecas (UCSD), Martin Lindquist (Columbia University), Tom Liu (UCSD), Tim Mullen (UCSD), Hernando Ombao (UC Irvine), Wesley Thompson (UCSD)


July 24

July 25
  • Morning
    • Overview of Current Statistical Methods (Lindquist, Ombao, Thompson)
  • Afternoon
    • Basics of UNIX Programming (M Fiecas)
    • FSL - image viewing, pre-processing, batchmode processing (M Fiecas)
July 26
  • Morning
    • Structural Imaging and Genetics (A. Dale)
    • EEG - physics, source localization (T. Mullen)
  • Afternoon
    • FSL – statistical modeling, visual displays (M. Fiecas)
    • Discussion of Emerging Mathematical and Statistical Research in NeuroImaging (M. Lindquist, H. Ombao and W. Thompson)


Martin Lindquist (Columbia University)
Hernando Ombao (Univ California at Irvine)
Wesley Thompson (Univ California at San Diego)


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This workshop is mainly supported by the US National Science Foundation (Division of Mathematical Sciences). We also acknowlege support by the UC Irvine Bren School of Information Sciences.